We have heard a lot of good things about the OCZ SSD drives in the past. It is unfortunate that their focus was not in Asia. It is only recently we have the opportunity to get our hands on the Vertex 2. As spec, the SSD drive is able to achieve what it claims.

The most impressive would be the IOPS achieved at 50,000 IOPS. That is surprisingly fast for 4K writes. In fact, ATTO benchmark also gave it a MB/s that is almost as close to the interface speed of 300MB/s for SATA II. Even with the Intel X25-M, you would be hampered by the slower write speeds but this demon can go up to close to 275MB/s for writes. It is truly amazing.

Compared to the cheaper Kingston 64G SSD SNV425-S2/64GB, the OCZ Vertex II definitely beats it in all benchmarks. Sad to say that if you want SSD performance like the Vertex 2, you have to pay a premium for it. e.g. the price of the OCZ Vertex 2 60GB costs USD 175 while the Kingston 64GB is priced at USD130 which is USD45 cheaper.

So, if you want maximum performance, the OCZ Vertex 2 is definitely the better choice.

For it’s performance, we give it our Gold Award.


– Native TRIM Support
– Up to 50,000 IOPS in random 4K aligned writes
– 3.5″ desktop adapter
– Upgradable firmware via OCZ Toolbox

– Pricing


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