SiSoft Sandra Physical DIsk Benchmark

Lastly, we use SiSoft Sandra Benchmark to test out the performance.

With USB 3.0 the result obtained is 390MB/s. When we used USB 3.1, it sped up to 579.1MB/s. With turbo enabled, it scored 635MB/s. USB 3.1 gave the USB 3.0 a boost of 48% and USB 3.1 Turbo improved the performance from USB 3.0  by 62.8%.



The three tests shows that the performance did improve but not as much as anticipated. This could be due to early drivers or bandwidth issues. Nevertheless, devices based on the USB 3.1 will ship and made affordable when the mass market goes for this new standard.

ASUS Z97-A USB 3.1 $159.99 (US)

ASUS Z97-A USB 3.1 £ 149.59 (UK)

USB 3.1 Accessories

USB 3.1 Accessories (UK)



sisoft usb30 copy

sisoft usb31 copy

sisoft usb31 turbo copy

By Harry