Revew of Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G with M1 5G SA

Camera and Photo taken

The camera/video has various options including a Profesisonal mode which you can adjust white balance, iso etc.

As for video mode, recordings can only be made up to 1080p and there is no optical stabilisation. Although EIS tries to compensate the shakiness, it is best to hold the phone with a gimbal for better stability.

You can also take potrait shots, set filter to images, enable 108 MP shot mode, night mode etc. See video for more details.

Below are some camera shots taken with the smartphone using AI mode. Colours tend to be more saturated in AI mode. Macro shots looks good too.

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Digital zoom

As for digital zoom, it can do 10X but anything beyond 2x wil lose it’s sharpness.

Night mode Off vs On

The difference is not very noticeable but it does help to capture more details with little noise when shooting objects in almost dark environments.

Night Shot Off
Night Mode On

By Harry