Revew of Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G with M1 5G SA


Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G is the first 5G smartphone we tested based on the Snapdragon 695 processor. Performance wise, I would say that it in the range of the older Snapdragon 845 series processor. It is reasonable as it complement the phone with a 108 MP camera, 67W turbo charging feature which is available on the middle to higher tier phones.

The design of the phone looks very similar to Mi 10T Pro in it’s layout. The top left corner comes with the 3.5mm audio jack for your standard earphone. The rear camera set up is located right at the rear with a 108MP, a 8MP wide angle and a 2MP macro camera. The positioning of the camera could have been better located as my fingers gets into the way of the main camera while taking photos. As for the screen, it is a AMOLED and refresh rate can be set to 120 Hz.

The back camera takes impressive takes surprising good pictures even in dark environment. Taking photos in AI mode tends to give more saturated colour photos. When AI is switched off, the photo quality is comparable to the shots taken using google cam. Digital zoom look fine but anything beyond 4x is fuzzy. The video camera lacks 4K recording mode just like most entry-mid range smartphones. As for 720p or 1080p recording, there is also no options for steady video recording. Videos taken tends to be shaky on hand which can be corrected using Google Photos stabilisation feature.

Currently, most of the Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco manufactured in the past 1 year has 5G support. Unfortunately, most telcos in the world do not provision it, thus the SA option seems to be missing. With a M1 5G SIM, I was surprised to see that Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G actually runs 5G SA out of the box.

In Conclusion, the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G is a nice entry-mid range level smartphone which should satisfy most needs of the daily user whose main objective is taking pictures and has access to 5G SA network.

Pros :

  • 5G SA
  • 67W turbo charge
  • 108 MP
  • 120 Hz refresh rate on AMOLED screen
  • Dolby Atmos with Stereo speakers
  • NFC
  • 802.11ac


  • No OIS
  • No 4K video recording


  • Performance 8
  • Design 8
  • Features 9
  • Usability 9
  • Value for money 10
  • Score : 8.8 / 10


By Harry