Screen shots of the Interface



The store has quite a large collection of commonly used applications available on other platforms. Here are some titles that might interest you.

wp_ss_20140830_0002 copy
There are the Microsoft apps preinstalled – Office, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook
wp_ss_20140830_0003 copy
A speedtest using the 3G SIM card and we get a downlink speed of 4.56mbps and uplink speed of 5.47mbps
wp_ss_20140830_0004 copy
Using the beta AnTuTu benchmark, the following are the scoreline of this quad core phone.
wp_ss_20140830_0005 copy

wp_ss_20140830_0006 copy

wp_ss_20140830_0007 copy

Mixradio the online/offline Jukebox that keeps you entertained

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