The Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM reminds me of first Windows Phone 7, the HTC Trophy 7 which is still operational. Comparatively, the Nokia Lumia 530 has a newer operating system Windows Phone 8.1. The Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM being does have it’s weakness but it also has it’s strength.

I particularly like the changeable colour backcovers. They are bright and colourful and you can accompany it with your wearing too. The DUAL SIM is also a plus point. Most users might have a 1GB data sim lying around when you sign up for fibre broadband, why not use it as a SIM2 and insert a prepaid card for SIM1 for making calls. Share out the internet with Internet sharing.

With Win 8.1 CYAN, you can also store your files into the microSD card thus saving the memory space which is what can’t be done in previous edition of the OS. The Kid’s Corner option in settings  is something that parents will want to activate. Customise the apps and videos that will show in the tiles. Lock your screen so that your kid’s won’t mess around with your settings. That reminds me of NTPolicy. 🙂

Although the  5 megapixel camera takes pretty decent pictures but it is old school without a LED flash. Likewise there is also no front lens for SKYPE use. The speakers are generally LOUD and it could be used as a FM radio with ear phone plugged in.

For the price for S$159, this phone does have a nice feature set that you would normally see on mid to higher end smartphones. If you haven’t try the Nokia Lumia 530 Dual, I urge you to check it out for it’s speed and at a super affordable price tag.

Pricing S$159

US Pricing