Review of Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 motherboard with Intel Core i7-8700K processor

Overclocking to 5 GHz, DDR4-4133 and BCLK adjustments

Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 BIOS has a lot of options for fine tuning which will definitely lures enthusiast’s attention.

On page 3, we showed the option for overclocking to 5 GHz by just selecting from the drop down menu. It is probably the simplest way to upgrade the Core i7-8770K to a 5 GHz without sacrificing any time finding the best timings. In fact, just set it and boot and all benchmarks ran steadily at 5 GHz even with our old Intel heatsink.

Another option to explore is the Turbo BCLK option available on this board. This option allows you to meddle with the original 100 MHz clock (100 x 37 multiplier) to overclock the overall system. With BCLK, you can now go beyond the 100 MHz without any issues by lowering the CPU Multiplier.

There are other options in the BIOS which relating to 100/133 but they are not well documented. They are supposedly use to run the memory clk at a ratio of the bclk. Documentation of such features should be improved in future.

Below is a screen shot of the Core i7-8770K running at 133 MHz x 33.

Intel DDR4 support has always been somewhat higher than it’s competitors. In the past, we have seen DDR4-3200, DDR4-3600 made possible by tweaking the CAS latency lower. These days, there are more RAM module makers gets them DDR4-4133 XMP certified. Some of these companies include Corsair, G.Skill etc. They are readily available but are not cheap.

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