BIOS Options

The BIOS has a CPU Upgrade option which allows you to auto “upgrade” your CPU to the potential overclocked speeds without needing to go through the mundane chore of adjusting other settings. This is the simplest way to get your processor a boost.

In the BIOS, there is also the option to change the CPU Clock Ratio. CPU Base Clk can be adjusted too (the board supports Turbo BCLK). You can thus lower the CPU multiplier and increase the BCLK to say 133 MHz or above without affecting the other peripherals.

X.M.P profile allows you to select the ram timings prebuilt within your memory modules. Memory modules that are certified will run correctly at the stated speed.

There is also Smart Fan 5 which you can manually overide the fan speed to make it run at FULL SPEED if necessary (during overclocking).

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