The Gigabyte AORUS Z370 Gaming 7 motherboard performance is way better than it’s pervious generation processor. This could be due to the additional cores. Nevertheless, when compared to the top end AMD Ryzen 1800X running on Gigabyte AORUS AX370-Gaming 5, the benchmark results were too close to call.

From the benchmarks, the Gigabyte AORUS Z370 Gaming 7 excels in PCMark 10 which is focused on content creation and productivity. When it comes to multicore multithread processing, the Gigabyte AORUS AX370 Gaming 5 with Ryzen 7 1800X outperforms the competitor.

Features wise, this board is really a top notch board with many goodies on board.  Seriously, I don’t even use a M.2, so a triple M.2 might not be that realistic. I like the DDR4-4133 support and audio support though. The LED Lighting is really decorative which adds eye candy for looking at it in a pitch dark room.

Installation is straightforward. I like the idiot proof way of overclocking but just choosing the speed of your choice. Just by selecting 5 GHz, and XMP profile #1, we got it up running at 5 GHz on AIR at C16 DDR4-3200.

Compared to the AMD system, there is more leeway to play with the processor as you can adjust higher memory frequencies e.g. DDR4-4133 (provided your module supports). There is also BCLK and other options. In fact, too many options which require a more detail explanation in the manual of what they do.

Documentation is very concise but Gigabyte could have included the ranges of the options available e.g. frequency rage, voltage range. Packaging needs a bit of refresh as we are still supplied a DVD-ROM for drivers. A USB drive would be more suitable as DVD drives are being phased out.


Intel Core i7-8770K pricing

Gigabyte AORUS Z370-Gaming 7 motherboard

DDR4-4133 module


  • Turbo BCLK
  • Sound Blaster 720
  • M2 Thermal Guard
  • DDR-4133 support


  • Confusing BIOS options
  • Documentation
  • Should bundle LED stripes


Here are my ratings out of 10 stars.





10 / 10


10 / 10

 Ease Of Installation

10 / 10

 Overclocking Features

10 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

 Overall Rating :

9.5 / 10


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