The Google Nest Hub can be considered as a Google Home with a touch screen display. Although the Google Nest Hub and Google Assistant on the smartphone provide visual answers, there are some fundamental differences. First, the Google Nest Hub is not as portable as it sits on a desktop and needs to be powered with a 3 pin plug.  The Nest Hub provides larger screen which you could monitor your webcam or even stream youtube or facebook videos streamed from your smartphone.

Available today on the Google Assistant is Mandrarin voice recognition as you can query it in Mandarin. Unfortunately, Google Home and Google Nest Hub language supported are still quite restricted to English, European languages and Japanese. In fact, it is not as flexible as Google Home as it only supports a single langauge at one time.

The larger screen also lack a web browser. It will definitely be a welcomed move if Google decides to include a Chrome browser in a new firmware update. Instead of surfing on a small 6′ smart phone, it would be nice if they can continue on the silghtly larger screen.

In Conslusion, the Nest Hub is a product that brings speech power control into one central device. Although it works, there are still more that can be done in terms of langauge support etc. We look forward to seeing it supporting more languages and make it easier to hook up with the Mi Cam or other devices directly.


By Harry