With the 2nd generation controller from SandForce, Kingston has finally caught up with the brands that has once selling SSDs at premium price. With their entry, it makes choosing the best priced/performance SSD easier as we won’t just be comparing performance anymore.

In fact, the model we gotten has a very simple packaging. It has nothing else other than the mouting bracket and screws. I am not sure if it is to keep costs down but I would prefer it to bundle Acronis TrueImage HD to make transition easier for current HDD users.

For this model we review, it is retailing at ~ USD 106. That is $0.88 per GB. for a 120GB SSD drive. That is very cheap for the performance boost. For it’s price and performance, we give the Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB our Gold Award.

You can buy it from Amazon here from $106.


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