Review of Kingston LoVo HyperX modules KHX1600C9D3LK2/4GX modules
Bluetooth 20 Jun 2010

Green Green Green. Everything goes Green with lower power consumption. We see that from desktop pcs to notebooks to power supplies. Kingston, being an innovative memory maker also has the new LoVo – Low voltage memory modules for the Green cause.

With a lower voltage, Kingston HyperX LoVo modules generates less heat and reduced power consumption of the overall system.

They come in various configurations and XMP settings. The lowest voltage is 1.25v on the KHX1333C9D3UK2/4GX while the KHX1600C9D3LK2/4GX and KHX18000C9D3LK2/4GX runs at 1.25V/1.35V depending on the XMP profile used.

In the following pages, we will take a look at the Kingston HyperX KHX1600C9D3LK2/4GX LoVo which is run at CAS 9-9-9-27-1T at 1.35v in comparison with our older high end HyperX (tri pair, we used a pair of KHX16000D3UKT1K3/6GX at 1.65v)

Below is a chart showing the specifications of the ram modules.

Kingston HyperX DDR3 ‘LoVo’ Ultra-Low & Low Voltage Kit Specification
Part Number
Description † Latency
KHX1333C9D3UK2/4GX 4GB 1333MHz Kit of 2 for XMP – ultra low voltage 9-9-9-27 1.25V (Datasheet)  
KHX1600C9D3LK2/4GX 4GB 1600MHz Kit of 2 for XMP – Profile 1 – low voltage
4GB 1333MHz Kit of 2 for XMP – Profile 2 – ultra low voltage
9-9-9-27 1.35V
KHX1800C9D3LK2/4GX 4GB 1600MHz Kit of 2 for XMP – Profile 1 – low voltage
4GB 1800MHz Kit of 2 for XMP – Profile 2 – low voltage
9-9-9-27 1.35V