Although the page is not fully functional, we can see that M1 is ready to take orders for the upcoming iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS 8GB edition. The two other telcos have not put up any notice so far but has indicated that they will carry it soon in the mass media some time ago.



2 thoughts on “Singapore telco M1 puts up pre-ordering page for iPhone 3GS 8GB and iPhone 4”
  1. You can call in to the customer services. Their Customer services (orange) are better than (green and red) then ask for the manger. Try to insist of getting a phone after only a year of contract. On top of the phone price, you have to pay a $100.


  2. Hi everyone,

    As you all know that all the telcos are launching the iphone 4 and many of you want to know which plan to take and which telco to go with. I want to share my story with you and you will eventually know how to choose a good telco.

    Some of you may have been loyal customers with a particular telco for many years because of good service and reliability. So the telco will reward you for your loyalty in return for being their long term customer.
    I want to share my bad experience with all who thought that loyalty pays.
    I have been a customer with one particular telco for more than 10 years and have two lines subscribe under my name. You may think that being more than 10 years with this telco, I should have gotten lots of benefits. But in really is not.
    About 2 months ago (April/May 2010), my son lost his mobile phone. This phone was subscribed under my name. I immediately informed the telco to suspend the line. But 2 days had passed and still no news about the lost phone. But with a line and without a phone s of no use at all. So I asked the telco if I can re-contract this line and get a new phone at a re-contract price. But to my surprise they told me I am not allowed to because the existing contract is not due for renewal and thus not entitle to re-contract and get a phone at a special price. Instead they suggest that I can buy a phone from them at the full retail price. I was furious and upset as I have been a loyal customer with them for more than 10 years and there is no privilege given. I was willing to give them the business but they insisted that I have to buys a phone at full price.
    Initially I thought that the customer service staff over the phone was not able to grant me this request of a new phone at a re-contract price because of limited authority. So I wrote in through their feedback page and still got the same reply. Again I wrote in to explain my stand one more time but again the request was rejected. I was really furious. Given them the business for more than 10 years for 2 lines, and I get such a cold respond from them. I did not expect to be treated this way. So I concluded that they don’t treasure long term customer. What they are aiming for are new customers. I was so mad that I told them I will switch telco once the contracts expire and this does not bother them at all.
    Thus I am definitely had made up my mind to pod both of my lines to a new telco. I will give the business to one who treasures the customers.
    By now you may wonder which telco I am talking about. Well I am going to give you a clue. The colour of the logo is Orange.
    Therefore please be warned, do not stay with them for too long. When you need help most, they will turn their back on you. That’s the way they treat their long term customer.
    Please inform all your friends and relative about this. Don’t be traped.

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