Benchmark results of KHX1600C9D3LK2/4GX


We first check out the memory bandwidth.

In the previous page, we mentioned that we couldn’t get the ram modules to go below CAS 9. In contrast, the HyperX high end modules were able to go down as far as CAS 6-6-18-1T. It can be observered that the high end HyperX (blue) modules performs better due to the lower latency, trcd, trp and cmd rate. Our Low voltage equivalent can only run at C9-9-27-1T and it scored 13.18 GB/s. If we were to increase the CPU CLK, we were able to get the LoVo to perform better at 13.87 GB/s – 14 GB/s. This is probably the better than trying to lower the CAS latency.

Next, we used SiSoft Sandra to check out the arithemetic and multimedia scores.

In Arithmetic benchmark, the results are quite surprising. In both standard and overclocked settings, the LoVo modules outperform the more expensive HyperX at a lower CAS latency. The same processor and board is used throughout.


The Multimedia benchmark shows a similar situation with the LoVo DDR3 edge out the more expensive DDR3 modules at lower latency.