Review conslusion of Kingston HyperX LoVo KHX1600C9D3LK2/4GX

Energy saving components are the way to go to help save the earth. Kingston has done that with a lower voltage variant of their HyperX modules. Our test results also indicate that lower voltage ram modules doesn’t directly affect the system performance. In fact, when compared to the higher end counterparts, the results aren’t that far off. The probable reason for not choosing it could be it’s high latency and memory speed with just a small percentage for you to tweak around.

Installation is pretty straightforward as most boards are able to recognise the XMP settings. For our board, it didn’t recognise and we have to manually do the settings ourselves. Features-wise, the ram module is simple with a green heatsink. There aren’t any leds or performance indicators on the expensive modules.

Nevertheless, if you need something that works and GREEN is in you, these modules are definitely well suitable for HTPCs which lower temperatures in the chassis is preferred.

Low voltage
Less heat

No so overclockable
Restrictive range of CAS, memory timings


Here are my ratings out of 10.

 Category Score
 Performance 8 / 10
 Features 7 / 10
 Ease Of Installation 7 / 10
 Overclocking Features 6 / 10
 Documentation 8 / 10
 Packaging 7 / 10
 Cost / Performance 9 / 10
 Overall Rating : 7.4 / 10