Samsung S21 Ultra 5G front & back image

Photo shot with Samsung S21 Ultra 5G


One of the key features of the phone is it’s 108 MP camera. In our test, the same object was shot twice, in 12 MP and 108 MP mode.

The photo on the left is shot in 12 MP mode and the one on the right is shot in 108 MP mode.

It is very apparent that the 108 MP captured more details when both pictures are viewed in photoshop.

12 MP shot

108 MP Shot

Space zoom

Another interesting feature is Digital Zoom 100X – Space Zoom. The zoom can selected on the sidebar of the viewfinder or pinch zoom by fingers. from 0.6X to 100X.

Other photos

I like the colours captured using the main 12 MP camera. The colours are not over saturated like some other phones even though Auto mode was being used.

The 108 MP camera does capture more details but it tends to have a fading effect on the sides of the object which makes it a bit unnatural as we are not taking a portrait shot.

By Harry