Samsung S21 Ultra 5G front & back image


Finally, after 3 weeks of continuous usage and testing the various functions of the smartphone, we feel that the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is a smartphone that deserves our praise for it’s performance and features. Performance wise, it is on par with most Snapdragon 865 based smartphones in the market as seen in the benchmarks tested.

In terms of design, I like the curved AMOLED display with 120 Hz refresh rate. Colours looks brilliant and there is no lag at all during our test run. In fact, in our 5G speedtest, the phone still runs warm but it will not drop the 5G connection.

The only complain would be the weight and the thickness of the smartphone. The protruding camera system at the rear is quite annoying as the phone will never be able to rest flat on the desk.

In terms of features, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G features the 100X Space Zoom and 8K Video Recording as their main selling point. We tested the Zoom (digital) and it turns out to be pretty sharp at 50X, anything beyond that may not be as clear but the visual contours of the object can be easily identified. Moon shots can be taken without a tripod.

In our night shot test, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is capable of capturing much more light as compared to the Pixel 3 XL that we commonly reference in our test. In fact, in a pitch dark environment, the amount of light captured on the Samsung gives a better view of the object in the dark. There is less visible noise in the pictures took using night mode as compared to the Pixel.

As for 8K video recording, videos shot tend to be a bit shaky as it records at 24 fps. 4K/60 fps seems pretty fine. The best would be to film at Super Steady 1080p video support at 60 fps if you just need a 1080p recording as you won’t need a gimbal for sure.

The S21 Ultra 5G comes with a Dual SIM slot which you can use 2 physical SIM or 1 physical SIM + 1 eSIM (both in active mode). As in most chipsets, it supports a 5G/4G configuration. Thus, if you are using a 4G sim card, it might be better to select 4G for both SIM/eSIM profile.

We tested the 5G on Singtel and also on M1. Both SIM works in 5G mode (e.g Bugis Junction) in supported estates or high density areas which the telco enabled 5G.

This model supports most of the sub 6 bands. Bands N1 and N78 are deployed by the three telcos Singtel. Starhub and M1.

The Samsung S21 Ultra 5G comes with a huge battery at 5000mAh. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t bundle any charger with the phone. You will need to source for your own charger that supports the USB PD 3.0 for Fast charging at 25W. The phone also supports Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging 15W. Reverse wireless charging 4.5W. In general, most 5000 mAh battery should be able to last you more than 1 day of continuous of usage.

In Conclusion, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G which scores a DXO mark of 121 remains one of the better camera phones out there. With it’s high upload speed over 5G, it is definitely a good work phone for anyone who works on the move. You can also use Samsung DEX, pair it with your smart tv and do a presentation with ease.

Priced at S$1498, we find it a bit steep but if you need a functional all in one device, it is well worth it. It is now selling at at S$1498.

Pros :

  • 120 Hz screen
  • 5G NSA/NA bands
  • Quad Camera system
  • 5000mAh battery
  • 8K Video Recording
  • Samsung DEX


  • Weight 200g
  • No charger provided
  • No 65W quick charging


  • Performance 10
  • Design 10
  • Features 9
  • Usability 9
  • Value for money 8
  • Score : 9.2 / 10

By Harry