Review of Synology DiskStation DS213 NAS
Bluetooth 2 May 2013

Do you run a small office and has a number of PCs, notebooks for your different usage ? With so much data stored on your local HDD or SSD, it is always messy to hold multiple USB devices to backup your work. You would also want to do it manually. With the Synology DiskStation DS213, all these problems can easily be resolved. Not only can you backup your data from multiple machines to one central network storage, the data is also replicated to a second drive in a RAID 1 storage. Using the Synology Data Replicator software, it ensures your data is always intact even if your PC or notebook decides to go on strike. Mac OS X is also supported using it’s native Apple Time Machine software.

wd n900 central and synology ds213

The DS213 allows backup to scale up to another level. It also comes with a backup wizard for backing up the data from DS2w13 to another DiskStation or rSync server or to another external USB 3.0 HDD/SSD. This backup wizard can also backup data to the cloud via Amazon S3 or STRATO HiDrive.

Using CloudStation software, you can turn the device into a storage for all your computers and devices. It also keep multiple versions of a document in case it is accidentally deleted or upon any change.


Unboxing of the Synology DiskStation DS213



By Harry

2 thoughts on “Review of Synology DiskStation DS213 NAS with 2 WD 3TB Red NAS Hard Drive”
  1. Hi, thanks for this review with its great pics. What would you say are the advantages of the WD Red harddisks? They cost quite a lot…

  2. The cloud app, DS Cloud, doesn’t seem to be exactly what we really expected.

    Look at the reviews for the android app ->

    Main dislike would be that it will sync the whole folder down into the mobile device. If the mobile device’s storage currently is just 16GB – 128GB, it it were to sync the whole folder down into the mobile device, it would take up most of the storage.
    They could do it like DropBox. ie. Showing an index of the files in the cloud folder, and selectively download the files. If it’s a photo, perhaps a thumbnail of it showing.

    Personally, i hope i can sync my photos on the mobile to the cloud folder the moment the shot is taken. Currently, there’s no such options.

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