Seagate ST8000VN0002 NAS drive Review
Harold 1 Jun 2016



In today’s world, the traditional Hard Disk in your PC is no longer the primary storage of all your files. With larger multimedia files, apps and games being downloaded, users are moving their storage to the Network Access Storage (NAS). As NAS is connected to your home or SOHO network, it can be shared with family members or colleagues in a small home office environment.

With this in mind, data can be stored centrally at a NAS and the need for a high performance robust 24×7 HDD is a must. Seagate ST8000VN002 is the solution.

Seagate ST8000VN002 8TB NAS drive is based on six perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) platters with 1.33 TB capacity each. The hard drive features 7200 RPM spindle speed, 256 MB DRAM cache as well as a Serial ATA interface. The spec sheet shows that it can sustain at a maximum speed of 216 MB/s media to cache transfer rate which is very fast for a NAS drive. The new HDD have average operating power of 9 W as well as average idle power of 7.2 W. It has the silent acoustics of 2.6 bels (when in operation) and up to 216MB/s of speed transfer.

The ST8000VN002 has a MTBF of 1M hours meaning it is so robust. In addition, Seagate NASworks technology improves the realibility by tuning drive features to deliver higher performance, superior reliability and interoperatbility with popular NAS enclosures.

The drive comes with an optional 3 years +Rescue Data Recovery Service plan for peace of mind as it protects again data loss in any RAID environment such as human error or handling accident.

By Harry