There is no doubt the Seagate ST8000VN0002 runs faster than the older 3TB WD30EFRX RED drive. This is largely because of the larger cache of 256MB compared to only 64MB cache and the higher speed of 7200RPM on the Seagate versus the 5400RPM on the WD30EFRX.

In our tests, we do notice that the Seagate tends to be slightly louder than the Western Digital drives. Just like the typical 7200RPM, you can feel it running when your NAS is placed next to your keyboard. The humming noise is bearable and the temperature runs from 32 deg C to 40 deg Celsius after half an hour of idle operation.

In Conclusion, the Seagate ST8000VN0002 is indeed a very fast NAS drive as compared due to the higher RPM and bigger cache. As storage requirements continue to grow bigger, NAS drives will definitely have it’s place in your office or home. I give it my Gold Award.

The Seagate ST8000VN0002 now retails at USD 375 on Amazon USA store. There is a shipping fee of $15.19 . On the other hand the closest rival 8TB from WD Red 8TB NAS 5400RPM WD80EFZX retails for $335.85.