In our test setup, we have 2 8TB ST8000VN0002 drives. Both drives are mounted into the Synology DS213 2 bay enclosure. It is directly connected to our Intel Core i7-4770K Z97 chipset PC with Gigabit Ethernet port using a CAT 5e cable.

Both HDD were empty. The DS213 partitions it as a Synology Hybrid RAID drive and the latest DSM 6.0 is downloaded and installed. Once that is done,  we can proceed with the tests.

The drives are compared to our older Western Digital RED drives 2 x WD30EFRX in terms of performance.


CrystalDIskMark is a simple tool which tests HDD or SSD for it’s performance. Before we conduct our tests, we used the Synology Assistant to map the drive as Z:

Once that is done, the NAS drives will appear as drive Z to the PC.  We then use the software to run it 5 times against the 2 HDD inside the enclosure to obtain a score.

Below are the scores of the Seagate ST8000VN0002 vs WD RED WD30EFRX.

The numbers shows that the Seagate ST8000VN0002 is way ahead of the  WD RED WD30EFRX drives. In fact 34% in Seq Read  and 26% in Seq Write for Q32T1. As for 4K, we also see an almost doubled performance in 4K Q32T1 Read.

The larger cache and higher RPM of the HDD might have boosted the performance.


seagate 8tb hdd crystaldiskmark copy
Seagate 8TB HDD Crystaldiskmark


wd crystaldiskmark over nas copy
WD RED WD30EFRXcrystaldiskmark Benchmark score