Backup and Restore of Windows 10 Installation files

We used the ISO files of Windows 10 Professional for the test. The ISO was uncompressed to a USB drive and the files copied onto the local SSD.

The timings are recorded for Backing up and Restoring from the NAS for both the Seagate and WD NAS drives using Synology DIsk Duplicator Software.


The Seagate ST8000VN0002 took 119 seconds to Backup and 54 seconds to restore the 3.84GB of files.

As for the WD WD30EFRX, it took almost the same time to backup at 117 seconds but it took a few more seconds restoring it from the NAS.

The test case is only a small 3.84GB and it took almost 2 minutes to backup. Just imagine if you had 300GB of data to backup and restore. How much time would you have saved ?