Photos taken with the Mi 10T Pro

According to the specs, the smartphone comes with a triple camera set up at the rear and a front selfie camera.

The back camera default takes pictures in wide screen mode. You might want to set it to 4:3 ratio or 16:9.

108MP+13MP+5MP triple rear camera

108MP ultra-high resolution main camera
Samsung HMX, 1 /1.33” sensor size
0.8μm pixel size, 4-in-1 to 1.6μm Super Pixel
Up to 30x digital zoom
f/1.69, 7P lens, OIS, AF

The shot was taken using initially at 27 MP and in 108 MP. The first picture is displayed in 1:1 ratio while the 108 MP picture is screen reduced to half it’s resolution.

If we were to zoom in to 1:1, the wordings Fullerton will appear in greater detail.

Although it may be difficult to view the difference on a mobile screen, the 108 MP did give more details and somewhat the pictures get overexposed. The resolution and the file is also way larger on 108 MP. Seriously, I think taking photos at 27 MP (4:3 ratio) is sufficient.

27 MP
108 MP
27MP photo shot using 4:3 ratio

13MP ultra-wide angle camera
1.12μm pixel size, FOV 123°, f/2.4, 5P lens

27 MP Normal shot
13 MP Wide Angle

5MP macro camera
1.12μm pixel size, f/2.4, 3P lens, AF(2cm-10cm)

This is a shot of the memory module. The 5 MP macro camera did a good job even in low lighting.

20MP Ultra-clear Front Camera

Samsung S5K3T2
0.8μm pixel size, 4-in-1 to 1.6μm Super Pixel
1 /3.4″ sensor size, f/2.2, 5P lens, FF

A shot using the front camera

Below is a video of pictures being shot using the normal, wide angle, macro camera.

By Harry