While data roaming is generally smooth sailing for most travelers, a select few may encounter glitches. Occasionally, the issue lies not with the user but with the foreign telecommunications network, which may prevent roaming users from registering. This befell a group of tourists using SIMBA’s senior plan, topped up with $20. They even verified roaming activation by texting 1218.

“Upon landing, a 4G signal flickered briefly before disappearing” – Eddy. For the next five days, it was email exchanges with technical support yielded generic troubleshooting instructions which don’t work.

Despite deleting APNs and confirming sufficient credit for a Group C destination, the issue persisted, leaving them stranded for five days. However, upon reaching Greece, the experience was seamless, with automatic connection to Vodafone.

It’s understandable that SIMBA lacks control over foreign networks; however, acknowledging and addressing such issues is crucial. Roamers in Turkey have faced similar problems before as seen in reddit or fb forums.

The ICC card might come handy if network doesn’t work out in Europe.

By Harry