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This chart is created by online users using google docs.  It is put here as a reference point for comparison of the various plans available>
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Both Starhub and MobileOne (M1) announced their price plan in the morning and afternoon respectively. Being the 2nd and 3rd telco to come into the marketplace, both telcos have to come out with attractive pricing to entice users to switch or subscribe to them.

M1, being the last to announce it’s pricing seems to have the lowest cost of ownership across the 4 different plans (except 700mins plan). In fact when comparison price plans, you would also want to consider the other services provided by the telcos. In the case of Singtel and Starhub, they’re bundling with only 500MB and 1GB*(now 12GB) of data traffic for the respective plans. M1 on the other hand gives you 10GB (now 12GB) of data traffic . The monthly price plans are all quite similar with iPhone value from M1 the cheapest of all.

For Starhub, they will throw in 17 20 free TV channels for your online viewing. As for Singtel, the offer has ended and they’re charging for Mio Tv on mobile. M1 on the other hand has no triple play option, thus they have no video contents. In contrary, they bundle in 12GB of data for all plans and unlimited for iPhone unlimited. That should be enough for you to stream whatever you want over the net. * all 3 telcos now have 12GB data bundle and a maximum charge of S$30 if you exceed the 12GB of data.

On top of that, M1 also has a Take 3 plan which is not mentioned in the chart. Subscribers can take on a 24 mths contract for the iPhone 3G 8GB (not 3GS) and return it for another phone after 9 months with top up in exchange for another phone of your choice. The iPhone 3G is available under the iPhone Value and iPhone Lite plans.

If I were to pick, I would go for the one with highest data plan. For the same price, I can use the iPhone as a data modem for my mobile surfing needs without worrying. The chart also did not indicate that if you exceed the stipulated bandwidth, you could have to pay with (no bill shock) of up to S$30 for Singtel, S$36 for M1 and S$48 for Starhub. (no all down to S$30)M1’s mobile broadband is stated up to 7.2mbps downlink speed, nothing is mentioned for Singtel and Starhub. The most important thing is that you must consider is the mobile reception of the telco of your choice.

Latest : M1 has increased it’s bundled data to 12GB, inline with Starhub and Singtel. On the other hand Starhub has lowered it’s maximum data cap at SGD 30 if you exceed your 12GB limit.M1 has also reduced it’s reduced it’s maximum cap from S$36 to S$30. Now all 3 telcos gives you 12GB of bundled data and S$30 cap.

# M1 lowers flat rate roamng charges to S$15 to match Singtel’s S$20 in 6 countries
#M1 updates free local data bundle to 12GB and SGD 30 cap
# Starhub has just updated it’s plan with 12GB of free data traffic at 7/12/09 2000hr
# Starhub increase it to 20 free mobile tv channels.
# Singtel made adjustments to price plans to match M1 and Starhub

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5 thoughts on “Updated – An analysis of Singapore’s iPhone price plans of M1, Starhub and Singtel”
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  2. highest data plan is really quite unnecessary.

    back when i had my starhub maxmobile unlimited (data only, using the USB stick), i hardly ever exceeded 1GB. i used it on a PDA, which doubled up as a modem with my laptop at home.

    i recently just terminated it, because i didn’t see the reason for paying $36.38 per month for data, when i can pay only $9.95 for data with SingTel (this is capped at $36.38), since i only use less than 1GB. most of the iPhone plans (other than SingTel’s apparently cos it wasn’t mentioned) have a data usage bill cap – i’ve just added it in here: http://bit.ly/5XIqxA

  3. Hello there. Its nice to see people getting together for collaboration like this.

    You might want to take note that you cannot use the Iphone as a 3g modem. Not unless you unlock the Iphone, which would potentially void its warranty.

    There are other annoyances with the Iphone, that I would much rather one look for with their own effort. There are too many for me to remember.

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