SingTel To Offer TV Apps Store
Singapore – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) is pleased to announce today that it will be offering a comprehensive suite of affordable consumer and business applications on its high-speed fibre services to retail customers. SingTel will also offer carriage-based high-speed fibre services on a wholesale basis to retail service providers (RSPs).

SingTel harnesses capabilities of NGNBN and its own fibre networks

Leveraging the Next Generation National Broadband Network (NGNBN) deployed by OpenNet and SingTel’s own extensive fibre infrastructure, SingTel will provide unparalleled service quality and speeds to both retail customers and wholesale to RSPs. Customers can look forward to a range of high-speed fibre services with downlink speeds of up to 200Mbps, uplink speeds of up to 100Mbps and international bandwidth of up to 25Mbps. SingTel’s fibre network is scalable and capable of providing even higher speeds in the future to meet the needs of our retail and wholesale customers.

Mr Allen Lew, CEO Singapore, SingTel, said: “The availability of an ultra high-speed fibre network through the NGNBN and our own fibre infrastructure presents SingTel with significant opportunities to break new grounds in terms of service innovation and value creation. We will leverage our reputation of a reliable network operator, astute customer insights and an effective partner ecosystem to deliver personalised customer-centric applications, which will pique the imagination of consumers and increase the productivity of businesses.

“These distinctive applications which focus on entertainment, convergence and productivity enhancement will ensure that SingTel continues to not only lead but shape the digital media and ICT market in Singapore.”

In the retail space, SingTel will also further its transformation into a leading multimedia and ICT services provider, with a suite of breakthrough services for its consumer and business customers to be introduced later in September this year.

Consumers stay connected and entertained 24/7

SingTel will launch a high-speed fibre service, known as exStream, with downlink speeds of up to 200Mbps. Customers can choose from three new packages which are designed with relevant applications, and with consumers’ needs in mind to enhance their lifestyles at work, at home and at play.

With the exPress portal, customers can freely express their personalities as well as stay closer to their loved ones anytime, anywhere. They will enjoy features like unified messaging, online storage and sharing of multimedia content and high quality multi-party video chat.

With unified messaging, customers have single access to multiple social networking sites and enjoy chat aggregation. They can customise their exPress homescreen for easy access to their favourite multimedia content like news, videos, music etc – all on a single online web portal.

With the exCite service, customers can experience the world’s best video search engine allowing customers to find the widest range of online video content and stream them smoothly from sites like YouTube and Tudou. Customers can create their own entertainment channel and experience limitless internet content, right from their TV screen. exCite also gives customers access to Singapore’s first TV Apps Store, starting with a catalogue of over 30 TV games. The Store is based on an open TV platform enabling developers to easily create exciting applications. A gesture-based remote control and predictive text searches in English and Chinese offer easier navigation.

With exCite Home and exPlore Home bundled plans, customers will be the first in Singapore to watch pay TV programmes through fibre, while enjoying the benefits of the high-speed fibre services like the exPress portal. exPlore Home Sports also combines the best of mio TV Sports package, including the interactive applications with the high-speed fibre access as an integrated plan.

From 1 September 2010, customers can register their interest for the high-speed fibre services at

Businesses to exploit full potential of Managed Services and Cloud Solutions

SingTel will introduce eVolve, a new fibre solution for businesses. Built on SingTel’s wholly owned and managed infrastructure, eVolve will only carry business traffic for quality and performance that businesses rely on. eVolve complements SingTel’s existing suite of fibre services, providing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with unprecedented price performance.

Businesses can leverage SingTel’s high-speed fibre services to access its suite of Managed Services and Cloud Solutions. These services open up new possibilities for companies to improve productivity and scale their operations cost effectively to meet changing business demands.

SingTel’s Cloud Solutions include on-demand computing services and productivity software such as SingTel ONEOffice, online storage and real-time back-up capabilities, and high quality video and data collaboration services. These services offer the benefits of ICT on a subscription basis, without heavy upfront investments in infrastructure.

With SingTel as their trusted business partner, businesses can have peace of mind and enjoy a one-stop ICT experience.