With more people working from home, video conferencing is becoming a necessity for some. Although large enterprises are capable to fork out large sums of money subscribing to such services, smaller set up or even ad hoc meetings might just need something that is reliable.

In the coming days, people will also be able to use Meet directly on Gmail, making online meetings even more accessible and helpful.

Google Meet.JPG

 Anyone can now sign up for a Google Meet account and make use of the premium features of Meet for video calls, including – 

  • Accommodating up to 100 participants in a call (vs. 25 participants in Hangouts video call)
  • Newly introduced features such as the expanded tiled view, AI-powered live captioning and the “present a Chrome tab” feature to share high-quality video and audio content during meetings. 

This is how people may use Google Meet after signing up for a Meet account:

  • Click “Start a meeting” on the sidebar in Gmail to open a new window with a unique, secure meeting link for you to join and then share with others
  • You can also easily join meetings shared with you by entering a meeting code on meet.google.com

By Harry