HTC Legend First look (Video)
Bluetooth 12 Apr 2010

Compared to the HTC Hero, this phone uses AMOLED which uses less battery thus prolonging your battery life. The screen is also brighter and has better contrast compared to the HTC Hero. Other than that, it comes with Android 2.1 and a new HTC sense. This is probably one of the irst phone to support Flash video. You can now view a flash site without issues. I particularly like it’s customisation which makes it look very unique in it’s class when compared to the Motorola Milestone or the Acer Liquid. Unfortunately, HTC  removed the LIVE WALLPAPER on the original android 2.1.

The HTC Legend despite being powered by a 600MHz processor, it is very well optimised for speed. I don’t see any lag in display. Compared to other Android out there, it lacks a slide out keyboard but this can be compensated with a good virtual keyboard. The availability multitouch are welcomed as these are pretty essential if you were to use it with Google Map. The FM Radio also keeps you updated with local broadcast instead of relying on third party streaming audio stations which do nto carry your local radio channel.

Overall, I find this phone a pretty compact and powerhouse. If you want a smartphone with lots of apps and do not require a large 3.7″ or 4″ screen, the HTC Legend should be a good choice for it’s low price.

If you intend to go for the 1GHz processor, perhaps you could just  wait a while for the HTC Desire which will launch real soon.