Walton Chaintech Officially Entered into the Digital TV Market
– Launching Its Very First
APOG?? Digital TV Tuner

Meeting full-range digital TV standards with three Series –
APOG?? UT10, APOG?? UT20 & APOG?? UT30


14 October 2010, Taipei, TaiwanWalton Chaintech Corporation, manufacturer of memory modules and computer components and accessories, today announces its very first APOG?? Digital TV Tuner (DVB-T). Completely meeting three digital television broadcast standards of DVB-T, ATSC and ISDB-T, the APOG?? Digital TV Tuner is permitted and already available in Europe, North America, Brazil and Japan under three different series names – APOG?? UTV10, UTV20 and UTV30.

In order to fulfill a wide-range of consumer demands, Walton Chaintech decided to enter into the digital TV market, bringing its top quality and leading technologies to the worldwide customers. As competitive as the current market is, Walton Chaintech is confident to offer a series of compact and yet cost-effective digital products under the APOG?? brand.

The APOG?? UTV10, UTV20 and UTV30 series is a digital device using USB interface which provides wireless access to your local digital TV channels no matter where you are located. The broadcasting platform – BlazeVideo HDTV Player – delivers crystal clear images to your laptops or desktops. Weighing under 20g and dimensioned at only 84×26×13.3(mm), the APOG?? Digital TV Tuner is perfectly mobile to hook onto your favorite channels wherever you go.

Initially the APOG?? UTV10, UTV20 and UTV30 are built with the commonly-used USB2.0 interface. Also, all series is bundled with a set of high-sensitive antenna to ensure the best digital image. Last but not least, remote controlled operation interface is incorporated for users’ most convenience.