Benchmark test

Our review unit is a 1 TB Standard 2.5″ SSD. We used our AMD Ryzen 1800X system to test the SSD speed and here are the results.

Using the ATTO Disk Benchmark, we set it to run overlapped I/O with Queue Depth of 4K. Fro the results it can be seen that the read and write speeds in sequential mode max out around 530 MB/s and 540 MB/s which is performing as claimed.

WD 1 TB SSD benchmark shows that the sequential results are within expectation and is much faster compared to our Kingston HyperX SSD drive. Looks like it is time to consider upgrading my 120GB SSD to a full fledged 1TB SSD.

Kingston HyperX SH1033/120G

We compared the 1TB to our older Kingston HyperX SSD and we can immediately see the difference in results.

By Harry