The WD 1 TB SSD not only speeds up OS boot time  but it also helps in speeding up applications like Photoshop as a swap file is necessary. With a larger swap file, that means productivity is increased as there will be less waiting time for the images for editing.

The package is simple and comes with no SATA cable or rack for 3.5″ to 2.5″ adaptor. It also didn’t include the Acronis Software and you would need to access the internet to download it before you can clone your exisiting HDD over.

Currently, the WD 1 TB SSD is retailing at USD 289.99 at Amazon. It is priced very competitively to the competitors from Sandisk, Crucial, Samsung and Muskin.

Other models available online include

USD 289.99
USD 269.99
USD 289.95
USD 339.97
USD 268.99
USD 259.99

SSD will definitely be more common place in desktop and notebooks as prices fall over the past few years. So, will you be upgrade to the WD 1TB SSD ?

[amazon_link asins=’B073SBQMCX,B07582DXKB,B01LXPENRR,B01LYOKOJI,B06XNPQQNJ,B073SB2MXT,B06XR3DDCB,B06XTVRLD7,B01N4GVC59′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’o041d-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d1ab4a06-be59-11e7-88b0-a7b66dffd204′]

By Harry