Zero1 updates the two 5G plans with more data. It now includes 1 GB data roam in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand (free for 12 months).

In total, you will get up to 12 mths of 120 GB (new sign up) of local data for 60u plan with 500 call minutes and 500 SMS.

As for 90u 5G plan, you will get a total of 140 GB (12 months) with 800 minutes and 800 SMS.

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5G Plans – 5G 60u and 90u plans

Standard plans – 4G 50u and 80u plan

As for the 4G plan, 50u plan will now include an additional 50 GB of local data and 1 GB data roam for 12 months. It will have 500 minutes call time and 500 SMS.

As for 80u plan, it will now have a total of 130 GB local data and 1 GB data roam for 12 months. The plan will come with 800 Call minutes and 800 SMS.

Zero1 Classic plan

Zero1 also enhanced this plan by giving away 10 GB for this plan, making it 22 GB in total.

All the above Zero1 plans is unlimited data plans, there is no worry of blowing the limit as you will continue to have connectivity but a at a throttle speed.

According to the roaming partner list on Zero1, the roaming partners for Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are :


Celcom Axiata
DiGi Telecom


Telkomsel XL


AIS True Move DTAC


To summarise, the chart show the plans and it’s upsized data.

Existing subscribers can also get an upgrade by filling the form in the link below