ASRock H67M-GE/HT Intel H67 board full review Exclusive @ OCWorkbench


ASRock H67M-GE/HT seems to outperform my expectations. In the past, integrated graphics was shunned away by most as it’s performance was never the levels of it’s competitors. The Sandy bridge processors paired with H67 chipset seems to change that perception. Just by looking at the numbers, we can see that it not only outperforms it’s predecssor the H55 with a similarly clocked CPU with Graphics Core i5-661 by nearly 2 folds. In terms of processing capabilities, it outshines previous H55 with an almost 10X performance boost in transcoding videos.

A good CPU needs to pair with a good board that brings out the best performance of the processor. ASRock H67M-GE/HT did just that. Not only does it have all the features that one needs, it included features like C.C.O which I love most as I need not spend money to bring new heatsinks. On top of that, it also throw in a Free bundle of MCE remote controller and receiver. This makes it easy for HTPC builders to sell it as a multimedia centre. The 3D red/Cyan Anaglyph paper glasses is also a nice add on for users who wish to view 3D contents from their normal LCD screens. In fact, you can use it straight away with sample videos at

Other features like the UEFI BIOS and AXTU (replacement of OC Tuner) are also well designed and user friendly for fine tuning your system parameters for overclocking etc. In addition, there is XFast which boosts USB 3.0 speeds (ASRock XFAST with Etrontech USB 3.0 controller performance)  and Free bundle of front usb 3.0 panel which can be used to mount your SSD.

Overclocking wise, we managed to run the CPU up to ~3.7GHz on AIR. Thecpu multiplier can’t go further than 37x (using ASRock oc tool). In fact, we are more interested to share that the GPU clk can be clocked up from 1.1GHz to 1.9GHz giving a big boost to 3D performance.

The documentation is very complete and package is top notch with so many goodies thrown in.

In Conclusion, the ASRock H67M-GE/HT is a board that has great potential. Be it HD or 3D, this board is ready for the future. In fact, you can even save on the cooler and graphics card as the performance is more than sufficient unless you are a heavy gamer.

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C.C.O for LGA775 heatsink support

Front USB 3.0 with SSD connector


No Power on/off buttons, Clear CMOS buttons

No Debug LEDs


Here are my ratings out of 10.

 Category Score
 Performance 10  / 10
 Features 10 / 10
 Ease Of Installation 10 / 10
 Overclocking Features 10 / 10
 Documentation 10 / 10
 Packaging 10 / 10
 Cost / Performance 10 / 10
 Overall Rating : 10 / 10

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