AMD is making a big come back with it’s Ryzen 1800X early this year. Although gamers are skeptical about it’s gaming performance against the Intel’s counterpart (which is more expensive), the multi core processor has borought the more expensive Intel processors to it’s knees when it comes down to multi core multi threaded applications.

Hans Mosesmann of Rosenblatt Securities thinks that AMD can gain share because it has a better product than Intel as AMD may have a better multi-threaded architecture than Intel’s current x86 and this notion has serious implications in the datacenter where we are already seeing the disruption AI workloads are doing to system level architectures.

On the Server roadmap, AMD Naples 32 core (64 thread) will go up against Intel Skylake Purley 28 core (56 thread) at Computex Taipei 2017 this June. Naples will sport 8 DRAM channels vs. Skylake’s 6 DRAM channels for 33% memory bandwidth (this is hugely im- portant for hyperscalers). More cores, more threads, more bandwidth, better price performance, better performance/watt, for AMD. For an encore, AMD will likely detail the 7nm-based Starship server CPU with 48 cores (96 threads) coming likely in 2H18.

As for High End desktop, AMD is preparing a 16 core 32 threads X399 which will battle with a new desktop Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake models that max out at 12 cores.

The coming quarters should be very exciting as AMD has also released its Ryzen 1600X mid range that will challenge Intel’s mid range market. NVIDIA will also face some challenge from AMD but it might take some time to do some catching up.

Source : Barrons