ECS LIVA 64GB World’s Smallest Windows Based Mini PC Kit powered by Intel Bay Trail-M SoC 1.58GHz Celeron N2807 processor
Harold  18 Nov 2014 [8 pages]

In the past, many companies have created a new line of products which caters to video or movie streaming, they are called HTPC. Basically a HTPC is a conventional desktop PC with a special sized motherboard that fits into the metal casing.

ecs liva

Those design are some what lighter than the conventional desktop machines as they used a smaller power supply. As they used desktop processors, heat is an issue and you can’t get away with heatpipes or fans (noise!). To complete the system, you will need to purchase memory modules and a hard disk (or SSD these days) to complete the system.

Well this boxes have been getting more and more compact as they’re now the center of home entertainment hooked up to HDTVs and audio amplifier. With a fibre broadband connection, watching Hulu or Netflix is an easy task.

Although HTPC serves it’s purpose, it doesn’t blend in well with the environment. Those ambiance noise, heat from the HTPC is bearable but the size of it just doesn’t fit next to your TV set.

ECS LIVA is ECS’s answer to HTPC. The Mini PC is so tiny that it fits in your hands. It is so small that you can just hide it behind your TV screen.

So, what is in the package ? The package comes with a motherboard that is slightly larger than your 5.5″ smartphone, a M.2 Socket wireless card for WiFi and Bluetooth and a 3A power microUSB adaptor for powering up the tiny box. (See page 2 for unboxing video).

The centre of the mainboard is an Intel Bay Trail-M SoC 1.58GHz Celeron N2807 processor based on low power consumption architecture “Silvermount”, this fan-less thermal design provides better acoustic performance and power savings compared to desktop processors.

The storage is a 64GB eMMC that comprised of flash and controller used in mobile devices. As for expansion, the board comes with a M.2 Socket to fit in the WiFi and Bluetooth Combo card. As for DRAM, it uses 2GB DDR3L low voltage DDR3 Sysynchronous RAM usually found in notebooks.

At the rear of the palm size board are 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0 port. As for I/O there is 1 HDMI, 1 D-SUB, 1 Audio Combo Jack, 1 Power connector, 1 GbE LAN Port.

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ECS Elitegroup Liva BAT-Mini (1.0) Desktop





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By Harry