What can do you with ECS LIVA ?

With such a tiny device hooked up to your home network, it opens up a whole world of possibilities. For those who are interested in checking out the stocks, you can hook it up to two separate monitors, one for showing the real time charts, the other for Bloomberg TV.

Alternatively, you can set it up with a USB attached SSD drive and use it as your download station for your using utorrent (bittorrent). Of course, if you prefer streaming videos, you can just subscribe to a vpn service and you can watch British comedies, live sports. For dramas, you can watch HULU or subscribe to NETFLIX or AMAZON.

Attach a webcam to the LIVA and you just turned it into a web conferencing tool, SKYPE with your friends and relatives using the large 50″ TV screen.

If you own a lot of Apple devices like iPad or iPhone and wish to view your pictures and videos, you do not need to purchase an Apple TV box. Just install XBMC and enable XBMC to receive AirPlay content (see picture below). Make sure you install Apple iTunes as it requires Bonjour service to be running. Once that is done, you can AirPlay your images and videos to your ECS LIVA and display it on a large TV screen.

With XBMC, you can even run a web server to serve a small group of users.

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ECS Elitegroup Liva BAT-Mini (1.0) Desktop