ECS has done it, a device that consumes so little power and yet is able to deliver a good HTPC replacement. This is made possible by the BayTrial-M processor. Being a low power device, it can actually be powered up even with a power bank (those that one used to charge up smartphones).

ecs liva 1

Being so lightweight, it not only can turn your TV into a smart TV, it can also be used for office productivity. If you need to do some urgent work in a hotel, just attach it to a USB charger and hook up the HDMI cable to the hotel’s TV set, you have your mobile office up and running with MS Office or compatible office softwares.

ECS LIVA is not without flaws. For example, they provided a CD-ROM for installation. Perhaps they should have provided a USB stick with all the drivers in the package. It could also bundle with a USB HUB, to compensate the limitation of 2 USB ports.

In Conclusion, ECS LIVA is a very innovative product which I prefer over Android TV boxes. Because of it’s flexibility and is a truly X86 PC, it can also run Ubuntu and other OS without needing you to jailbreak the system.

I gave this product our Gold Award and Editor’s Choice Award.

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ECS Elitegroup Liva BAT-Mini (1.0) Desktop


Editor's Choice award OCWORKBENCH

By Harry