eight telecoms just updated it’s website with new SIM collection information and roaming partner list.

The three plans offered are as follows :

Basically, the $0 plan is for a 88 days trial. The two other plans $8 and $18 comes with 8 GB APAC 6 countries data roaming and 1 GB International Roaming (see list below). The $18 plan has another 58 GB added for Malaysia roaming. It is not specified the roaming speed (capped ?) but it is most likely not 5G.

The plans are very similar to what SIMBA Telecom is offering. Something interesting is the roaming partner and VoLTE Roaming. Unfortunately, not all countries are supported. It is also not known how is it calculated.

It is not known if the plans are permanent or is it for the first few months.

Currently, they don’t support porting in and you have to visit the retail shop to top up the wallet which is quite cumbersome.

By Harry