Lately, there’s been a rising trend of people queuing up to get their hands on the Eight SIM, a subbrand of Starhub. Naturally, many users are excited to give it a try. In one Facebook group, a member shared their adventure of taking the $0 trial SIM across the causeway and testing out its free roaming feature.

Upon crossing the causeway, the roaming feature seamlessly connected to U Mobile, ensuring a smooth transition. Another option for roaming is with Maxis, providing users with added flexibility.

Picture from FB / Herman

While this was successful for some, others reported intermittent connection issues with the roaming network. The exact cause remains unknown, but it’s speculated that it might be due to incompatible VoLTE devices used during roaming.

Examining the chart, it’s evident that it utilizes VoLTE Roaming and is connected to LTE Band 3. Similar to SIMBA, users can make voice calls directly from the dial pad to Singapore numbers. Unfortunately, incoming calls from Singapore to the roaming number weren’t successful.

A speedtest was conducted at a later time of the day at Bukit Indah area. The speeds are very low. As expected, if the paid plan is S$8 and can give you 8 GB of roaming, the speed should be good enough for basic messaging or some low resolution videos. Here is the screen shot. Tested on Oppo A17.

3.44 Down and 23.1 Down. This is a preliminary result. Hopefully, the roaming should get more stable and speedier over time.

Picture from FB / Herman

So, what has been your experience with it?

By Harry