Although high end cards are what most gamers and power users sought after, mid range or sub mid range cards are the ones that most DIY users would go for. For AMD users, the Radeon HD 7790 seems to fit that bill if you have started off building an AMD based system. The reason is obvious as the cost savings can be quite substantial.

In our tests at 1920×1080, the benchmark shows that the card is capable of handling the high resolution and various modes. The results could have been better if it is run on a PCIe 3.0 support Intel motherboard. As for temperature, the reading shows that it runs pretty stable at around  ~ 40 degrees during the various tests.

Overclocking an overclocked card is something that you might want to try if you are getting this card. As shown in the benchmarks in the previous pages, we are able to push it up to 1200/1600 from the default overclocked speeds. This are all done within the Vision Engine Control Centre – Graphics Overdrive.

oc settings copy

In conclusion, we feel that this card is something that is affordable and does perform pretty well for the price. We give it our Silver Award.

ocworkbench silver award


  • Supports DX11
  • CrossFire Support
  • Price/Performance


  • NIL
Here are my ratings out of 10 stars.
 Category Score
 Performance 8 / 10
 Features 7 / 10
 Ease Of Installation 10 / 10
 Documentation 6 / 10
 Packaging & Bundle 6 / 10
Cost / Performance 9 / 10
 Overall Rating :    7.6 / 10