Currently, we already have 4 MNO – M1, Singtel, Starhub, TPG. 2 sub brands Giga! (under Starhub), Gomo (under Singtel). In addition, there are 7 MVNOs – Circles.Life, Zero1, Zero Mobile, MyRepublic, VivoBee, RedONE, GRID.

In this crowded space with 13 service providers, can we accomodate more ?From our source of information, ICYMI should be joining the MVNO wars real soon. Today they launch their plans under the name VIVIFI

VIVIFI should be running on Singtel infrastructure. It will offer a shared data/voice plan at a fixed price of $29.90 per month. It will come with 20 GB of data, 300 minutes of voice calls and 100 SMS. These bundle can be shared among 8 multiple supplementary lines with different numbers (or ported in numbers). There might be delivery charges for the SIM cards *

The number block used by ICYMI is 8860 XXXX.

Plan details from

It is unsure are the data allocated shared equally or you can give allocate it yourself. If there are no additional charges, it might be cool to get the supplementary SIMs to be used for home devices for webcams, IoT devices that requires little data.

For IDD calls, it uses Singtel IDD 001, IDD 019. It also offers voice and data roaming. We assume the pricing should be similar to those offered by Zero1 and Grid Mobile.

According to the T&C, data is charged at 1 MB block.

By Harry