An anonymonous user send us this picture of an ivy bridge Core i7 3770K overclocked to 6.9 GHz with extreme cooling at -180 deg celsius.

The unreleased Intel Core i7-3770K (ES) Engineering Sample is running a multiplier of 63x with CLK at 109.65 MHz. Kingston RAM is running at DDR3-2400 at CAS 11-12-11-28-2T on the board.

Although it completes Super PI 1M at 5.30s, it really doesn’t mean it will be stable.  We noticed that the graphics card link width is at X4. Why the tester didn’t test it at x16 remains a question.

Will you run a Z77 board at extreme temperatures for daily use? The answer is definitely NO.

It is good to see how far you can push the processor under extreme temperatures but it is only meaningful for overclocking competitions 😉