Intel Larrabee Graphics Chip Cancelled

Intel’s plan to field a standalone multicore processor dedicated solely to advanced graphics has hit a major roadblock, with the chip giant e-mailing around a statement saying that the chip, code-named Larrabee, won’t be launching anytime soon.

It is shocking to many in the industry as Intel has been in works with this “many-core x86 architecture for visual computing.” Larrabee would take thirty-two X86 CPU cores and tie them together with a right of cache memory enabling fast, inter-processor communication.

According to Intel spokesmen, “Larrabee silicon and software development are behind where we had hoped to be at this point in the project, As a result, our first Larrabee product will not be launched as a standalone discrete graphics product, but rather be used as a software development platform for internal and external use. While we are disappointed that the product is not yet where we expected, we remain committed to delivering world-class many-core graphics products to our customers. Additional plans for discrete graphics products will be discussed some time in 2010.”



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