Installation of LG 27UD88-W

The monitor retails for USD 590 on Amazon

The monitor is easy to install with it’s removable mounting stand. The screen can be installed in either portrait or landscape mode.

At the back panel of the screen are the various connecting ports 2xHDMI, DisplayPort, USB C etc.

Although there is a speaker volume control, there is no speaker built into the screen. This is somewhat a strange decision by LG. Instead your HDMI audio out from your graphics card will be channel through to the HDMI port on the monitor.

The on board speaker control will control the audio volume level with an external speaker connected to the audio port from the backplate of the screen. (Column 2, Row 4).

Firmware can be updated using a USB stick which connects to the USB portjust above the speaker out port (Column 2 row 3)


By Harry