One of the selling points of Intel Z77 boards was the support of Lucid Virtu MVP. With Lucid Virtu MVP enabled, the scores are not only better. Here is a recap of the 3 major components of Lucid Virtu MVP.

The good news is that the upcoming Socket FM2 platform will join in the Virtu MVP family. With an add on graphics card, you can now tap the power of both GPUs and boost up the performance.

One of the such motherboard is the BIOSTAR Hi-Fi A85X.

Virtu MVP has 3 major components:

1. GPU Virtualization    Enabling applications to use best of both worlds between discrete GPU and integrated one, with no limitation where your display is plugged in.
2. Virtual Vsync A cool technology that allows you to play with your standard in-game vsync turned on for smooth tear-free game play, but without the 60 FPS cap. Yes, you can.
3. HyperFormance A technology designed to further boost you game responsiveness by removing redundant rendering tasks in the pipeline resulting by higher response performance.

Overall Virtu MVP adds value to your platform and gaming experience :

  • Connect your display either to the motherboard (i-mode) or to discrete GPU (d-mode), boosts gaming responsiveness up to 70%

  • Increases standard in game Vsync from 60 FPS CAP – up to 120 FPS (and sometime more)

  • Sharpens visual quality without tearing

  • Works seamlessly with hundreds of game stations


2 thoughts on “Lucid join hands with AMD and deliver Virtu MVP on Trinity Socket FM2 boards”
  1. Sounds too good to be true 🙂 I would like to see it in action – and I do believe that it took some time before it actually works as desired. However the idea is good from the start, but maybe it fell short when the memory is bottleneck for both the CPU and the integrated GPU? Dunno.
    But the “HyperFormance” reached by “removing redundant rendering tasks in the pipeline” could be fun. Things could look way, way differently that they should 🙂 Because there are consequences of removing rendering tasks – the textures will look differently then :)))

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