Virtu MVP isn’t a new player on motherboards. We first witness it’s performance gains on the Intel Z77 platform.

So, how well will it perform under the AMD platform you might ask. Basically virtu mvp works the same way. You can enable Virtu Hyperformance or Hyperformace + Vsync. This will give it a performance boost.

We witness a run of virtual mvp and found the results to be quite decent. In fact, we compared the results the our own Intel Z77 + Core i5 3570K + Radeon HD 7970 results, the AMD platform is just slightly behind it.

In 3DMark11 (X – 1920×1080), the benchmark was boosted by around 35%. In comparison to the Intel platform, it gave a 39% boost. The slightly better result could be due to Intel’s PCIe 3.0 as AMD is still running in PCIe 2.0 mode.

Below are benchmark results on the Intel Z77 platform for reference.

Normal HD 7970

With HD 7970+VSync+Hyperperfomrance turned on