M1 Fibre Broadband outage

It might seem that M1’s S$29 50Mbps package has attracted lots of new subscribers that resulted in an outage yesterday evening and this morning.

One of our readers reflected that his internet was down the entire evening yesterday. The internet light is not blinking at the router He called the M1 hot line and waited for half an hour.

Sglongfeng, a forumer of OCWorkbench told us that he noticed his network is not working. He called M1 hotline at 6pm and waited till 6.30pm before someone picked up the line.

The customer officer told him that some other subscribers were affected too and told him that 5 exchange switches were down.

At 8.45pm, M1 called back and everything is back in order.

This morning, another forumer indicated to us that his Huawei modem lights are all turned on and he can’t surf the net. After switching it on and off, it worked for 10 minutes and the network is down again. He just activated his M1 50Mbps fibre broadband just 1 day ago.

He called M1 hotline again and they wanted him to bring it down to M1 Shop to swap the modem. Later, M1 mentioned that other users also faced the same issue and ask him to wait for them to rectify the problem.

It is unsure what is the problem this time. Our guess is that M1 is pushing down new firmware to the router.

If you are facing any issues with your internet broadband, do write to us.

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