M1Imagine a world of endless possibilities beyond your smartphone – from virtual-reality gaming to 4K UHD video streaming and so much more! With new XGPON technology, M1 can now deliver up to 10 times the bandwidth of conventional fibre broadband to connect all your devices simultaneously at speeds that are faster than ever before.

Stream multiple videos seamlessly in 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) resolution
Complete your download of huge files at insanely fast speeds
Greater bandwidth at home means everyone can enjoy an optimal surfing experience on multiple smart devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets)

Plan 2Gbps 5Gbps 10Gbps
Subscription $69 $129 $189
Contract Duration 24 months
Comes With
  • Option to top up $5/mth for an AC Ryan VEOLO 4K+ UHD Media Player (worth $348)
  • 24 mths 300Mbps Mobile Broadband (1GB)
    • Typical Download Speed (Mbps)*: 40.7 – 102.1
  • Home Fixed Voice Service
  • ONT Activation (worth $58.85)
    • Weekdays, Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm)
  • 3 months’ subscription to Internet Security
Typical Download Speed (Gbps)* 1.8 – 1.9 3.0 – 4.5 3.4 – 6.6

To attain those speeds, you would need devices that can support such high speeds. First of all, you would need a 10 GbE port (10GBASE-T) NIC on your PC. The recommended PC should also be powered by a Intel Core i7 with at least 16GB of RAM and best to be running a PCIe SSD.

As for the MAC, it is recommended to have Thunderbolt 2 to 10Gbps Ethernet adpater.

There are two Fibre ONT ports available. To maximise the speed, it is best to connect the PC directly to the ONT port 5 with a CAT 6/6a/7 LAN cable. As for the wireless, the wireless router could be connected to the 1Gbps (port 1).

The expected speeds for the various plans are

2Gbps plan: 1.8–1.9Gbps*.
5Gbps plan: 3.0–4.5Gbps*.
10Gbps plan: 3.4–6.6Gbps*

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  1. I need more feedback and information about the 2 Gbps plan and the 5Gbps plan ?

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