MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 is MSI’s FM2 board with some great overclocking potential. From the usual vast range of options in BIOS. It also has voltage probes for you to measure the voltages in real time using probes.

In addition, it comes with OC Genie II which allows you one press overclocking. Just press it before powering up and it will auto overclock it to a safe overclocking level to boost your system performance within stable limits for daily usage.

In our test, MSI is a bit conversative as it clocks up the A10-5800K to 39 x 105MHz giving it a boost to the system to 4GHz. This is surprising because the turbo speed is 4.2GHz. No matter what, the overclocked speed is within the Turbo speed which should give it a boost without compromising stability.