Advantages of the innovative MSI Wind Pad

MSI Wind Pad featured with Intel’s approx. 2.4 watts latest power-saving CPU platform, eight+ hours of battery power, and the most advanced hardware specifications, including a 10” multi-touch control screen for the preloaded Windows 7 operating system, that offer a perfect touch of the latest technology living. In addition, with a mere 800 grams in weight and comes with built-in 3G and WiFi wireless transfer, GPS, G-Sensor, Web Cam, as well as USB, SD card reader and HDMI ports, all made it a best companion for wireless urban entertainment users.

MSI Wind Pad offers humanized operation interface and application software

MSI Wind Pad features with the most advanced Windows 7 operating system, G-Sensor and 10” multi-touch control screen; in addition, it comes with 5 MSI software including the exclusive Wind Touch UI, taskbar magnifier, EasyFace 2.0, E-Reader, and EasyUse etc., all give MSI Wind Pad the most humanized operating interface and application software. Furthermore, its embedded G-Sensor’s responsiveness could make the screen rotate automatically with various body angles to provide users exceptional experiences. 

  1. Wind Touch UI?MSI Wind Pad changes the regular interface of the traditional operating system, with deep studies on consumers’ experiences with tablet PC touch screens, we innovate an exclusive operating interface – the Wind Touch – for the MSI Wind Pad, that combines work, play, tools and internet four major functions, and to integrate various MSI exclusive software including EasyViewer, MSN, Skype, IE, multimedia player, Windows multimedia center, and online phone etc. Consumers can easily connect to the entire world via Web Browsing , video and image watching, and even Instant Messaging and online phone, all at your finger touches and on MSI Wind Pad touching screen.


The simple interface of MSI Wind Touch UI replaces the original interface operating system to bring a whole new touch control experience for MSI Wind Pad

When MSI Wind Pad rotates into vertical, MSI Wind Touch UI would automatically rotate to same direction


  1. MSI exclusive EsyFace2.0: MSI Wind Pad features exclusive face identification software, the embedded 1.3 M Pixels Web Cam can provide information security through biometric technology. MSI EasyFace 2.0 exclusively integrates MSN, website login account and pin, and system login password to provide not only a high-level information security protection, but also to integrate all these data with your face characters, that will recognize you and to save your pressure for remembering your account and password details.


MSI logins MSN, website and operating system by exclusive face identification


The identifying accuracy is 100% approach through MSI exclusive and strengthen technologies


  1. MSI toolbar magnifier: In view to provide users perfect using experience, MSI specifically studied and developed the exclusive status of the toolbar magnifier, enabling consumers to operate every function of Windows 7 operating system easily by finger tips. By touching the toolbar at the lower right corner of Windows 7 will automatically starts the MSI toolbar magnifier. It could help to enlarge icons such as magnifying clock, internet, power options and volume adjustment to your finger size, you will be able to operate easily all functions and no longer need to operate by your nails or touch pens


When gently touch with your finger, the toolbar will be

magnified automatically


The status bar is also magnified automatically by touch of a finger

  1. MSI EasyUse: Apart from the exclusive MSI toolbar magnifier, MSI adds EasyUse page zoom shortcut program to the MSI Wind Pad. When touching and moving the translucent EasyUse icon on the screen, all application window icons that are on can be easily managed for open, close or to select. All these actions that were originally controlled through a mouse and keyboard can now be simply replaced by the EasyUse.


By touch of the translucent EasyUse icon (red frame in the picture), all opened application windows can be open, close or to select


  1. E-Reader application software: MSI Wind Pad features with E-Reader offers not only static images and text, but also with animation and music to ensure readers a vivid dynamic audio and visual experience in reading. E-Reader can hyperlink to the data base inventory provided by a third e-book provider for freely purchase and  and download thousands of e-books, newspapers and magazines, MSI Wind Pad can turn to become your personal library!


E-Reader provides not only static text, but also animation music

MSI Wind Pad detailed specifications:


  1. A.     CPU/OS?Intel Atom Z530/Win7 Home Premium

Featuring Intel’s latest power-saving CPU platform (2.4W, 1.66GHx) and preloaded Windows 7 operating system to give smoother operating efficiencies.

  1. B.      Display?10” wide with Multi Touch

10” Multi Touch screen comes with MSI exclusive Wind Touch UI, EasyUse and toolbar magnifier to provide consumers humanized perfect touch control experiences.

  1. C.      Memory?DDRII 2GB , SO DIMM*1
  2. D.     Storage?512MB NAND Flash On Board + internal SDHC support to 32GB

Embedded with 32GB SSD with high-speed and stable data storage efficiency to lower power emission.

  1. E.      802.11 b/g/n?3G Module?Embedded

802.11 b/g/n and 3G Module for mobile internet access in anywhere and at anytime

  1. F.      Web Cam?1.3 M Pixels

1.3 M Pixels Web Cam comes with MSI exclusive EasyFace 2.0 software to provide excellence and convenience in information security protection

  1. G.     GPS?Embedded

Embedded with GPS chips to support various GPS software, matching with a 10” multi-touch screen, MSI Wind Pad could become your elite guide.

  1. H.     G Sensor?Embedded

G Sensor embedded with responsiveness enabling the screen to rotate automatically with the body angles to provide users exceptional experiences.

  1. I.       Battery Life?8hrs

Super battery power lasts for 8+ hours to provide no disruptions at work!

  1. J.       Dimension ?274 x 173 x 16.6mm
  2. K.     Weight ?800g (with battery)

Slim in dimension and weight for mobility to carry everywhere

  1. L.      I/O Ports?1xUSB, 1X Mini USB, Mini HDMI, DC in, H/P out, SD Reader, SIM Card Slot
  2. Completed input and output ports to include HDMI and SD Reader: to connect with larger size TV screen, super convenient for unlimited expansion!


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